EAA Chapter 838

We encourage and promote recreational and homebuilt aviation. Youth outreach and education programs, history, and more.

Young Eagles Fly Again!

Spring is about to arrive! And that means it is Young Eagles time again. We start before even the crocuses (croci?) bloom, before all the snow is gone, before the weather gets warm - we are intrepid, we are fearless (ok, maybe not fearless) but we are anxious to fly. So fly we will!

Inviting all youth ages 8-17 to join us for a free flight. Join our ground school class and learn about some of the science and math behind how planes fly and all different types of aviation. Amaze your friends with all of the great science and aviation facts you will learn! Find out the secrets behind what keeps a plane in the air.

After the ground school, our volunteer pilots will, weather permitting, take you up into the wild blue yonder in their small planes, some of which they have built themselves. Who knows? You may even get to try your hand at flying the plane!

Come to the EAA Chapter 838 building at the north end of the Racine Batten Airport. Our address is 3333 Green Bay Rd. in Racine. We provide this great opportunity on the second Saturday of each month, beginning on March 12th. You need to be there by 9:00 am if you want to fly, because that is when the ground school class starts. Bring a parent or guardian to sign the permission slip. There is no cost for this wonderful event.

If you have any questions, please email Tracy at milltracy@hotmail.com or call 847-420-5098.