EAA Chapter 838

We encourage and promote recreational and homebuilt aviation. Youth outreach and education programs, history, and more.

Pave Your Way to the Future

Just a reminder that you can permanently show your passion for aviation and your enthusiasm for Chapter 838 (not to mention getting one last year end tax deduction) by purchasing an engraved brick for our Overlook Terrace at the Chapter building. Our patio is used on a frequent basis when weather allows, and your engraved brick will be seen by all who are out there. We are offering a range of sizes and prices, and this is a great way to remember someone who has "gone west" or to encourage those young aviators of the future. For more information, see Eagle Overlook trifold page 1 and Eagle Overlook trifold page 2 or contact Ken Sack at kensack@yahoo.com