EAA Chapter 838

We encourage and promote recreational and homebuilt aviation. Youth outreach and education programs, history, and more.

Youth Education Programs


Youth Education Programs Sponsored by EAAChapter 838 


Young Eagles (YE) –  (www.youngeagles.org)           

Open to all youth aged 8-17, this program involves taking the child for a 1/2 hour flight, totally at the pilot’s expense. The program got its start when EAA 838 chapter member, the late Sam Johnson, donated $1 million to the national EAA organization with the challenge to fly one million children before the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first flight. Sam also flew kids and made presentations to them in our YE ground school classes. In EAA 838 we have Young Eagles rallies on the second Saturday of each month from March through November weather permitting. Our local program includes a ground school to teach the technologies of flight while kids wait to be matched with a pilot that day. To date EAA 838 members have flown more than 4,000 youth. Many kids we fly come in scout troops, or simply walk in on the day with a parent.

Aviation Explorer Club (AEC)

AEC is a co-ed Junior Exploring program affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. It began in our chapter a few years ago under the name Young Aviation Enthusiasts and is targeted at kids age 11-13 who have participated in Young Eagles flights. Youth, accompanied by a parent, participate in bi-weekly two hour sessions April to November. Last year the programs included classroom and hanger sessions, demonstrations, model aircraft construction and flying, tours of the 128th Refueling Wing and a Control Tower, a day at AirVenture Oshkosh, plus both planning and flying a cross-country flight.

Aviation Explorer Post 218 

Post 218 is the chapter’s oldest youth oriented program. Co-ed and open to ages 14 –21, Post 218 is a subsidiary of Boy Scouts of America, so goals & programs are similar to what you would expect in a Boy or Girl Scout troop. However, there is an emphasis on aviation and providing opportunities for leadership experiences. The post has meetings and activities throughout the year, but the highlight is a week of very active participation at AirVenture Oshkosh (www.aviationexplorerbase.com).

 Young Aviators (YA) – (www.young-aviators.com)

Since the first class in 2008 the YA program has included a week of hands-on flying, fabricating, and instruction to get teens age 14 – 18 (precollege) interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Daily flights inthe left seat with a professional flight instructor in the right seat. Similar sessions on a simulator  allow the participants to log time towards a Private Pilot’s License. Daily workshop sessions introduce them to tools necessary to cut, shape and rivet an aircraft wing component, and classroom lessons introduce them to the physics and chemistry of flight, including navigation. Logistics limit the YA program to just 12 kids each year. The cost of the program is ~$2500 per student, but local donations make the tuition $795, Young Aviators is a separate and independent 501c(3) corporation from EAA 838.