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We encourage and promote recreational and homebuilt aviation. Youth outreach and education programs, history, and more.

Explorers – Past Years’ Events

2012-2013 Explorer Post Meetings:

Jun 13-Aircraft Identification by Esther Pae

On June 13, 2013, the Explorer’s Post enjoyed an evening filled with airplane identification in preparation for Oshkosh.  We learned from Nick Fishers’ PowerPoint and wonderful presentation. We learned about Cessnas, Pipers, Beechcrafts, RVs, and other types of aircrafts.  He taught us easy ways and key points on how to identify specific types of planes.   He explained the significance of the different number of windows, types of noses, types and number of wings, and other parts of the airplanes.  Nick even came prepared with CDs with the PowerPoint on them, so we could review on our own time.  It was a very fabulous presentation and a great way to learn about how to identify aircrafts.

Jun 08 - 09 -Young Eagles Rally, Car Show and Pancake Breakfast by Ryan Mevis

On the weekend of June 8th through the 9th, the Chapter along with several volunteers, from pilots to myself and others that are a part of the Aviation Explorers youth, were given the privilege to host a Young Eagles Pancake breakfast. As far as seeking knowledge for aviation the young thrill seekers were given a front row seat. They along with their parents got to experience what flying feels like, and what it really IS like. From highly realistic simulators, manned by Phil Fountain, Alex Clement, Tyler Waiss, Chrissy and Kinzie Kujawa and I, to the real life pilots flying them in their homebuilt planes, the doorway to fun with aviation was opened wide. To top it all off, a classic car show and great breakfast (with amazing pancakes!) was provided. It was a large way for youth to meet knowledge also as Dr. Sean Dwyer taught classes of young eagles before their flights. Meeting newer and past explorers, for me, was a glimpse into the history and now the future that the Chapter has in store as exploration continues. Thank you for all of the volunteers that made this possible and still are looking forward to Oshkosh!May 11-Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

May 23- Pre-Flight Clinic and other items for the Aviation Exploring Achievement Award by Ryan Breaker

On Thursday May 23, Daryl Lueck came by to show us how he does a preflight on his homebuilt Cozy. This was really unique and interesting because I don’t think any of us have much experience around canards but instead just typical Cherokees, Cessnas, RVs, and the like. Many of us have been through these small sessions before explaining how preflights can be done and so on, but what made this unique was that it was on a canard and what he did in the end: he “sabotaged” the Kitfox and had us go around it to find 10 different “got-ya”s that should be looked out for in preflights, and finding a wrench stuck in the space between the rudder and the rest of the vertical stabilizer is definitely one of those things!

Thanks, Daryl, we enjoyed it!

Aviation Explorer Post 218

May 09- Air Traffic Control tower tour at Mitchell Field by Tyler Waiss

On May 9th, 2013, the Explorer Post visited Mitchell International Airport and toured the Air Traffic Control Tower. We sat in the conference room and had a brief introduction before splitting into 3 groups. The first group stayed in the conference room and discussed the roles of the Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) and the Control Tower, and how the two interact with each other and the plans they manage. After about 15 minutes the groups would rotate, so we would visit the TRACON. There, we would look at the computer station that each person manages, and then watch some of the controllers in action. Finally, our group would take the elevator up to the top of the 215 foot tower, watch some planes land and take off, and observe the controllers rattle off their commands for the planes in their respective airspace. Overall, it was a very neat experience, and our thanks go out to Steve Worman who coordinated the trip, and the staff at the Airport for their hospitality and knowledge on their professions!

IMAG0128[1]IMAG0131[1] IMAG0132[1]

MATC Tour 4/11/2013 by Chrissy Kujawa

Explorer Post 218 took a trip to MATC to learn about their programs and the opportunities they offer. We went with a group of six, including two new members: Tyler and Esther. It started out with a power point about their aviation technician program and the careers you can get from the license.  We learned that it can be very beneficial to have the license and it can lead you into many fields of work. Next we went to the power-plant room which held many different engines from all sorts of planes and helicopters. It was interesting to see ho w the students de-construct and rebuild these engines. Next we visited the hangar with all of their planes they use in the program. As a group we jacked the plane so we could swing the landing gear up. Then we went in groups of two into the cockpit and each put the landing gear up and down. Next we were able to take a seat in their helicopter and see inside the other planes.  All in all we learned a lot, had fun and gained some new post members!

Apr 25-Phil Fountain and Simulator Demonstration

Simulators with Phil Foutain by Kinzie Kujawa

Our April 25th meeting we had Phil Fountain come in and set up the simulators for us. Some of us were able to go on both, and it was fun to try and land on an aircraft carrier. We even decided to play cards while waiting our turn. We also got several new members, some of which are going to Oshkosh.  Through Air force Academy applicants, the Young Aviators program, the kid’s fair at Case High School, and the technology fair at Festival Hall we were able to recruit the new members and get others interested. Thank you to Chapter members for attending these events.

Simulator April 2013 -1 Simulator April 2013 -2

Fiberglass demonstration 2/28/2013

Fiberglass Feb 2013

Feb 14- Global Warming -

Consensus or Con-Job?"  Presented by Dr. Sean Dwyer who has a PhD in Organic Chemistry. He has retired from a career managing R&D in a major US industry.   Dr. Dwyer promotes Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM) among young people.

Visiting Cessna Maintenance Hangar in Milwaukee  1/24/2013

2013 01 24 Cessna Maintenance hangar

Post 218 had another great field trip on January 24th. We went to the Cessna Maintenance hangar in Milwaukee. They had about 7 jets in the hangar and a few more outside waiting for space to get repaired. We were able to go into a few of the jets. No flying, but many of them were in stages of repair, so we were able to see what is inside the engine, wings, etc.

If you know a high school student interested in joining the Explorer Post, they should contact us at email post218@eaa838.org

Apr 11-MATC tour highlighting general aviation maintenance FAA licensing for airlines and private aviation

Visiting a Relic:

Post meeting Jan 2013 kenosha

Post 218 was invited to Kenosha to see the Grumman FM-2 Wildcat that was raised from Lake Michigan a couple of weeks ago. The Wildcat crashed while practicing carrier landings in December of 1944. The attached picture shows the group with the airplane in a Kenosha hangar.

Afterwards, we went to the Kenosha Amphibian Inc hangar at the Kenosha airport. Chuck Greenhill is the owner, Tim McCarter is the President and his son Ben works there. They have quite the collection to see. We were able to see two P-51s, the Lou IV, and the Geraldine along with a Grumman Duck. We were also able to see the Grumman Goose he is restoring to the original plans.

If you know a high school student interested in joining the Explorer Post, they should contact Steve Kujawa at 262-637-1048 or email post218@eaa838.org

Mar 09-Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

Mar 14-No meeting (Unified Spring Recess)

Mar 28-Social Meeting

Explorer Base Celebrates 20th Year


The Aviation Explorer Base has been a part of the Oshkosh experience for twenty years, and they celebrated with a cookout and carnival on July 24th. Several current and past members of Chapter 838 were on hand to help celebrate in the way they know best! The rain held off for the party and games, and a wonderful time was had by all.

At AirVenture 2012, 5 Explorer Post 218 members volunteered at Flight Line Safety many days. From left to right are:

Nick Fisher; Alex Clement; Brandon Embrey; Jon Worman; Amelia Gagnon (from Appleton, WI); Andy Clement