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We encourage and promote recreational and homebuilt aviation. Youth outreach and education programs, history, and more.

Explorer Post 218 – 2013-2014 Schedule of Meetings

Aviation Explorer Post 218 Meetings 2013-2014:

Aug 21-Mini Golf Tournament with Chapter

Aug 28-Planning meeting

2013 - 2014 schedule (Meetings already completed)

Aug 16-Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

July 28-Aug 3; Airventure Oshkosh

July 20-(Sunday) East Troy Pancake Breakfast; Help marshalling planes 6:15 start.

July 12-Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

July 10-Oshkosh training and get organized for Airventure

June 26-Jim Gardiner will be our guest speaker. He will cover his 30 years of volunteering at AirVenture Oshkosh starting as an Explorer. He is now the Chairman of Ground Operations for Homebuilt.

June 14-Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

June 12-Tour of 128th Air Refueling Wing. We will need to meet and leave by 6:15. Instructions will follow.

May 22- Practice take offs, flying, landing (or crashing) using the Chapter simulators. Also bring your $130 final registration fees for Aviation Explorer Base, and any paperwork that Steve needs.

May 22- Practice take offs, flying, landing (or crashing) using the Chapter simulators. Also bring your $130 final registration fees for Aviation Explorer Base, and any paperwork that Steve needs.

May 08-Tour of Skydive Midwest. Look at jump planes, watch jumpers (weather permitting) and see them pack a chute. We will meet there at 6:30. Instructions will follow.

Apr 24-Phil Fountain will bring in a Bell 206 helicopter blade donated to the chapter and he will reinforce the concept of how rotor blades work and will also help organize a structure for giving a presentation.

Apr 10- Larry Gamble was our guest speaker. He was an officer in charge of aircraft maintenance in the US Air Force. He became a pilot after his service.

On March 13th we had Kai Cooper, a Milwaukee Air Traffic Controller come and talk to us. He was a Flight Instructor out of Kenosha for two years. He talked to us about many aspects of ATC including the how he got in the program, training, what the job is now, and the equipment and knowledge required. He set up some different maps and showed us how they use them.   It was a lot of fun and he was great to listen to. We learned a lot about the what goes on in the tower.

Feb 27- Major Joe Small III (Ret) Marines. Career in aviation. Military, Airline and General information on the support needed to run the aviation industry. Q&A

Jan 23 and Feb 13 - Dr. Sean Dwyer's Presentation of Airplane Physics in Young Eagle Ground school by the Explorers.

Jan 09- College students return to speak of their experiences and Pizza Party!

We had former post member Bob Greco and current post members Jon Worman, Ryan Breaker, and Andy Clement talk about their college experiences at our annual pizza party. Thanks guys!

Post 218 2014 college

Dec 12- Dave Finstad a flight instructor giving a presentation on his ground school class being held Jan through March. Afterwards the schedule for 2014, will be discussed

Nov 21- S.C. Johnson Aviation Hangar tour

The trip to the S.C. Johnson hangar in Racine was very fun and enjoyable.  We did a lot of wonderful and interesting things.  We watched one of the company’s Falcon 900s taxi into the hangar with the use of a tug. The company’s chief pilot gave us a guided tour of the facility, that included a history of the aircraft operations of S.C. Johnson.  We also learned the story of the Carnauba plane, which I thought was fascinating.  As a part of our tour, we were able to go inside the cabin of the Falcon 900 as well as the company’s helicopter.  In the hangar the company stores the first airplane that the company ever used.  We were told that Sam Johnson had a big impact on the start of Young Eagles which is an amazing program.  Overall I really liked this trip, and I think the entire post did as well. Written by Scott Isaacson

Nov 07- Addison Tower, Speaker, Retired Air Force pilot and current corporate pilot

Our Meeting with Addison Tower was very enjoyable and we learned a lot. Addison told us about his life and challenges, and the effect that timing and integrity had on it. He taught us about the importance of having good integrity, and he also taught us how to deal with good and bad timing in life. His presentation also had some great tips for people who want to join the Air Force; he even told us about what it takes to become an astronaut. I would like to thank Addison Tower for his great presentation. Written by Jacob Koehler

Oct 24- Tour of Delta Hawk Engines, Inc. facilities

Delta Hawk 2013

For our latest meeting on October 24th we visited DeltaHawk Inc. right in Racine! This company creates light, compact diesel engines for a variety of purposes, including aircraft. The first thing we did was watch them fire up one of their engines- a 250 horsepower 300lb diesel engine that runs on jet fuel. It was very cool demonstration on the engine. Next our group went up and watched a presentation on the company. We learned their journey, the goals, the market and the future of DeltaHawk. The presentation was very interesting and we learned a lot about both the engine and the company. Lastly we went and took a closer look at the demo engine. It was awesome to see how simply built  and compact DeltaHawk has made these engines. One only has 400 parts including screws, bolts...etc. The innovative design impressed us all and we all had a great time. It's awesome to see how a local company can impact such a large market. Thank you to Dennis Webb and Stephen Smiley who lead the tour and presentation!  Written by Chrissy Kujawa.

Oct 10- David Mann, Speaker, Batten Field General Manager.
The visit by David Mann was really good and informative. I know I personally learned a lot I didn't know about the airport. David is the Vice President and General Manager of the airport. He told us about how the airport was not originally named Batten Field. He also told us about how they will be adding onto one of the buildings to help the airport be even better. David also told us about the background of the airport. David was very nice and I thank him for coming. He was interesting. Written by Ashley Rodriguez

Sep 26- Phil Fountain and the chapter simulators

Sep 12-Election of Officers

Aug 22-Planning meeting

Aug 15-Mini Golf Tournament with Chapter