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We encourage and promote recreational and homebuilt aviation. Youth outreach and education programs, history, and more.

Explorer Post 218

EAA Chapter 838 is also the sponsor of Explorer Post 218. These hearty souls learn about aviation, live and breathe aviation and generally learn about science, math and technology in the process as they engage in aviation activities and participate in aviation - related community activities. The Explorer Post meets twice each month, as well as volunteering to assist with the Young Eagles Program and other Chapter activities. Additionally, the Explorers volunteer at Airventure every year, spending 7-10 days directing aircraft traffic, and volunteering in other vital capacities on the Airventure grounds in Oshkosh with other Explorer posts from around the country. Many of our Explorers "graduate" to careers in the Air Force or other aviation careers. They normally meet on the second and fourth Thursday each month at 7:00 p.m. at the EAA Chapter 838 classroom.

Upcoming Aviation Explorer Post 218 Meetings 2014-2015:

(Followed by ideas for future meetings)

Aviation Explorer Post 218 Meetings 2014-2015


Aug 21-Mini Golf Tournament with Chapter

Sep 11-Planning meeting for upcoming year

Sep 13-Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45) Chapter 838 Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser.

Sep 25-Bob Greco, Guest speaker for wing shape and aerodynamics.

Oct 09-Practice training for Young Eagles ground school.

Oct 11- Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

Oct 11-Monopoly Night for Chapter 838 fundraiser. Parents may participate or volunteer and we will need older explorers to volunteer at this event.

Oct 23-Open House/Simulators/Snacks

Oct 25-Chapter needs help parking for Racine Choral performance. 400 guests expected. Early evening until 15 after performance starts then you can stay and watch concert.

Nov 08-Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

Nov 13-Kenosha Amphib Inc tour. Meet 6:30 at Applebee’s parking lot.

Nov 27-Thanksgiving

Dec 11-Jerry Bovitz, Workshop

Dec 25-Christmas

Jan 08-Pizza party, Post and former post members as guest speakers.

Jan 22- no meeting 

Nov 23-24 POST Lock in at EAA Chapter 838.

Feb 12- Young Sean Dwyer is teaching presentation skills for upcoming Young Eagles Rallies Tour of Air Cargo Carriers

Feb 26-

Mar 12- Tour of Air Cargo Carriers

Mar 14-Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

Mar 26-

Apr 09-

Apr 11-Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

Apr 23-

May 09-Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

May 14-

May 28-

Jun 11-

Jun 13- Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

Jun 25-

Jul 09-

Jul 11 Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

Jul 18 thru Jul 25-AirVenture Oshkosh

Aug 08- Young Eagles Rally (arrive at 8:45)

Aug 13

Aug 27-

Ideas for meetings

Milwaukee tower tour (Done in 2013)

Air traffic control (speaker)Anne

Milwaukee airport operations tour Harold Mester PR(done in 2013)

Batton field manager (speaker) David Mann(done in 2013)


Delta Hawk tour (diesel aircraft engines)

Skydive Midwest tour Sylvania airport 2628863480 (done in 2013)

JWax flight department/hanger tour (Gerald Kirkland aviation dept manager)

Carnauba at Forteleza Hall

JWax tour

Radio control aircraft demonstration

Cessna jet maintenance (Milwaukee)(done in 2013)

Air one Kenosha

Ken Sack (speaker)

Phil Fountain (speaker)

Sean Dwyer (speaker)

Eric Wolf chapter 838 (speaker)

Daryl Lueck chapter 838 president (speaker)

Airline pilot speakers

Any aviation related speakers

Phil Fountain simulators

Jon Worman's dad/associates speaker ?(done in 2013)

Volunteer at monopoly night October11 at chapter building

East Troy pancake breakfast volunteer July?

Other ideas for different volunteering opportunities

128th air refueling wing tour

Aircraft identification

Movie night/lockin

Take advantage of builders Monday

Build model airplane

Ask for welding demo

Fiber glass demo(done in 2013)

Any other demo

Meet with other posts at Oshkosh museum

Meet with other Racine posts (fire, police, medical, sailing, venture crew...)

Possible overnight trip to bombing range in western Wisconsin

Returning college students Q&A

Kenosha ATC tower

Flight instructor (Dave Finstad) VFR, IFR, VOR

Helicopter (Flight for Life, Coast Guard, Air One)

Model rockets

Radio communication between ATC and pilots.

Kerbal Aerospace Engineering Flight simulator

Russell Military museum ?(Kenosha border)

American Champion Aircraft (Rochester) Citabria, Decathlon, Scout, Champ