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Aviation Explorer Club

Aviation Explorer Club Post 5218 (AEC) is our "next step" program intended to cultivate the initial spark and keep interest alive until they are able to join our Aviation Explorer Post at age 14.  The AEC program we offer is designed for youth ages 11-13. Our club is coed¸ chartered with the Boy Scouts of America, and sponsored by EAA Chapter 838.

Our AEC Program provides an opportunity for young people to learn about aviation and the science, technology, engineering and math that underlie it. They will associate with other young people with like interests and adult leaders who are experienced aviators, teachers and mentors.  Our hope is that exposure through AEC will eventually lead to interest in aviation related vocations or other pursuits in science, technology or engineering.

We should begin our 2014 schedule in May. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at aec@eaa838.org

See the invitation for new members: AEC Invitation Letter 2014

Prospective Schedule:

Aviation Explorer Club (AEC) Program for 2013

 May 8: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM - EAA Chapter 838 building –

Introduction to the Program; Physics & Chemistry of flight; and Physics of 6 simple machines

 May 22:  Controlled Flight

June 5: Modeling

June 19: Rockets

July 11: Flying Demonstrations at the Racine Remote Control Club flying field on Hwy 20.

July 31: Field Trip to Aviation Explorer Base during AirVenture in Oshkosh.  (Transportation provided by parents.)

August 7: Aircraft ground school to plan a cross country trip

 August 17:  (Rain date August 24) Cross Country Flight. Activity under auspices of EAA Young Eagle Program.

 August 28: Field Trip to Cessna Maintenance center in Milwaukee

 September 11: Field Trip to various maintenance and airplane hangars at Racine Batten Airport

September 13: Field Trip to Modine-Benstead Observatory to view astronomical objects through the club's telescopes and member's telescopes.

 September 25: Awards presentation and picnic