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EAA Chapter 838 Monopoly Night October 15, 2016!

Monopoly Night with Mr. Moneybags

We are delighted to invite everyone to EAA Chapter 838 Monopoly Night 2016! Come and join us for dinner, a silent auction, and of course, the best wheelin‘ and dealin‘ around! Read the full details here!


Click here to buy your tickets before October 1, 2016 to get special Early Bird savings. We have special rates for individuals, couples, and tables of 6.

Fast facts about Monopoly (some via Mashable):

  1. The Monopoly game is based on Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  2. The original Monopoly die-cast tokens were inspired by the inventor’s nieces who recommended metal charms from charm bracelets be used.
  3. The longest game played upside down lasted 36 hours.
  4. Within a year of the game’s release in the U.S., 35,000 copies of the game were being made each week.
  5. The original Monopoly game sold for about $2, equivalent to about $35 today. In 1935, the average annual salary was $1,500, the average home was $6,800, and a loaf of bread cost 8 cents.
  6. The three most-landed-on properties in the standard Monopoly game are Illinois Avenue, “Go” and B&O Railroad. You have a 64% chance of landing on a railroad in the game.
  7. The total amount of money in a standard game is $20,580 (before 2008, it was $15,140).
  8. On record, the longest game ever played lasted 70 straight days.
  9. Under The Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story, a documentary about the Monopoly game, debuted in 2010 and won an Emmy award (watch on Hulu).
  10. A player from the U.S. has not won the Monopoly World Championships since 1974. The first championships were held in 1973!
  11. In 1998, celebrated San Francisco jeweler Sidney Mobell created the most expensive set in the world valued at $2 million.
  12. Every year, more Monopoly money is printed than real money!
  13. Over 20 different tokens have been made for the standard game (special tokens are made for custom versions).

Come take a Chance and contribute to our Community Chest! More details here.