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Chapter member Roy Stuart just turned 90 years young

Invited fellow Kiwanis for a special weekly meeting to see that he is building his own plane.

Roy Stuart
From The Journal Times

CALEDONIA — For pilot and aircraft hobbyist Roy Stuart age means little. So does the notion of retirement.

At 90 years old, the Mount Pleasant resident serves as a volunteer and member of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Racine.

The one-time salesman for Massey-Ferguson and Cessna, also manages to keep working.

Every three months he hops in his car and travels across three states to visit the 75 customers he serves as a sales rep for Super Swivels in Minneapolis.

When he’s not working or volunteering, he spends his time in a small hangar at the back of the local Experimental Aviation Association (EAA Chapter 838) building at Batten International Airport, fastening rivets into gleaming aluminum and studying the plans for a Sonex light sport aircraft.

Stuart has been working on the plane since Nov. 1, 2008 — the date the kit for building the aircraft arrived in the mail.

Since then he has spent an average of 10 hours a week at the hangar, carefully constructing various sections of the plane.

Asked why, in his late 80s, he decided to take on such a large project, he said simply “because I want to fly again.”

On Wednesday Stuart was joined by his fellow Kiwanis for a special weekly meeting at the EAA Chapter building, 3333 N. Green Bay Road.

Instead of meeting at the club’s usual spot they decided to take a “field trip” of sorts, said members, so they could both celebrate Stuart’s birthday, which was Monday, and take a look at this plane.

Gathered around two long tables, members joked about not putting candles on Stuart’s cake with so much aviation fuel nearby.Read full article here...