EAA Chapter 838

We encourage and promote recreational and homebuilt aviation. Youth outreach and education programs, history, and more.

November 6, 2017

Holiday Festivities!


When: Thursday December 14th
Where: EAA Chapter 838 Museum
Time: Socialize at 6:00 pm; eat at 6:30 pm
Who: All Chapter 838 members; Explorer Post 218 advisors and Explorers; CAP staff and cadets; Young
Aviator board and graduates; Batten Airport staff; and everyone’s guests
Cost: $20 per person

There will be a catered meal by The Covenant at Murray Mansion on Taylor and Washington Ave.
Beverages will be provided courtesy of the chapter.
Please email president@eaa838.org if you plan to come at 6pm for dinner.
We need to order enough food for everyone, but not too much, so please RSVP by Thursday December 4th.
You can pay at the November meeting, or the night of the Christmas party. Remember, spouses are invited.

September 19, 2017


A special day for John H Batten International Airport as the Congressional Gold Medal will be awarded to the grandson of John H. Batten and the son of John S Rowland. Both of served at Civil Air Patrol Coastal Patrol Base 6, St. Simons Island, Georgia in 1942.
On January 3, 2014 both Houses of Congress, by a 526 to 9 vote, approved recognition of the 250,000 civilian volunteers, especially the 4600 pilots, who volunteered in World War II. Sixty five members, including fifty nine pilots made the ultimate sacrifice. CAP sunk two German U-boats! One of the attack planes was the “mighty” Stinson 10A armed with a 100 lb. bomb. The other plane was a Grumman Widgeon armed with two 350 lb. depth charges. Fifty-seven U-boats were attacked and chased away from our shores, and 173 U-boats spotted; the military credits CAP with an assist in destroying some of them.
Flying a Stinson 10A 40 miles off the coast of Georgia, John Batten and John Rowland spotted a U-boat and dropped smoke and alerted the Navy, but before the Navy bomber arrived, the U-boat escaped.
Thanks to the Chapter for offering the museum as a perfect place to recognize these men. These men were instrumental in supporting CAP, EAA, and this airport. Chapter members are welcome to attend. Assisting CAP volunteers in setting up that morning is appreciated.

September 19, 2017

AOPA Fly by Night Tuesday September 19th at 7:00 PM

Especially in light aircraft, flying after dark comes with real trade-offs. Smooth air, better
performance, and stunning views are great—but they’re offset by trickier landings, invisible
terrain, and limited emergency options. So what’s the key to staying safe after sundown?
ASI’s new seminar looks at night flying from a risk management perspective. Using decades
of accident data, we identify common problems and recommend the best ways to avoid them.
Along the way, we talk about:
• Requirements for pilots and aircraft
• Unique flight planning considerations
• Why all nights are not created equal
• Things that can take you by surprise

Join AOPA as they make this presentation in our wonderful museum on Tuesday, September 19th at 7pm.

June 5, 2017

Save the Date! Pancakes Will Be Back!

Our Fall Pancake Breakfast will be at the Chapter Building on September 9th & 10th. Our Master Chefs will again be operating our amazing rotating pancake cooker, and we will have all of our usual food and beverage to accompany those wonderful cakes. Tickets will be available at the door or in advance from any Chapter member. $7 for adults and $3 for children. We start cooking early, so you can come between 7am and noon and eat until you are full. Saturday will also be a Young Eagles Rally for kids that arrive by 9am, but the kids may not want to eat too much before they fly, ok?Watch this space for updates and additional details.